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 sepak takraw game procedure

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A game of Sepak Takraw is played between two Regus - each consisting of three players. Each player takes up a specific role in the game, either as a Tekong, a Killer or a Feeder.

Their role also determines their positions on the court. The Tekong typically stands at the back, while the two other team members stand on opposite ends.

The play starts with the Feeder throwing the ball to the Tekong who will perform a serve with one foot in the serving circle. All players are allowed to move freely within their respective courts after the initial serve.

The first serve determines whether the start of the game is a good or bad one. It is crucial that the Tekong works closely with the Feeder, as different serve techniques requires the ball to be tossed at varying degrees of height and distance.

The main purpose of Tekong’s role is to serve the ball. Ideally, he will send the ball across the net with great speed making it hard for the opponent to defend. The Tekong can also surprise opponents by serving over a drop ball.


Also called the Striker, his goal is to execute volleys into the opponent’s court. When not in possession of the ball, the Killer will be responsible for blocking any incoming spikes.

The Feeder has the most control over the ball in the game. When in possession of the ball, they will set the ball to the preference of their strikers. Their toss also determines if the strikers can perform a clean strike. However, the feeder too should be able to spike the ball. This role is usually reserved for the most agile and responsive of the team.

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