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sepak takraw equipment

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The court,

  • measures 13.4m by 6.1m.
  • needs to have free overhead space up to 8m, measured from the surface of the court.
  • has a free zone at each corner of court measuring 3m by 3m.
  • is divided into two equal halves with a centre line 0.02m in width.
  • has boundary lines with a width not more than 0.04m in width.
  • has a service circle 2.45m from the baseline in the centre of each side of court, with a radius of 0.3m.
  • has a quarter circle extending from either side of the centre line at the side boundaries, with a radius of 0.9m.

The net posts should be 1.45m tall for female competitions and 1.55m for male competitions. These posts should be made from strong material to ensure a high net tension and should not be more than 0.04m in radius. The posts should be placed 0.3m from the side boundaries along the centre line.

The net should be made from cord or nylon with mesh size of 0.06 to 0.08m. It should be 0.7m in width and span the width of the court. The height from the floor to the top of the net should be 1.52m for men and 1.42m for women.

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The Sepak Takraw ball must be spherical and made from synthetic fibre in one woven layer. Any ball without a synthetic rubber covering must have 12 holes, 20 intersections and a circumference of 0.41m to 0.43m for men and 0.42m to 0.44m for women. It should have a weight of 170 - 180 grams for men and 150 - 160 grams for women.

The ball can be in any colour or any combinations of colours, providing it does not impair the performance of the players. All materials and methods for constructing the ball and its covering must adhere to ISTAF regulations; and must be approved by ISTAF before use in any competition.

Any attire that allows players to have any advantages over other players is not permitted. Opposing teams must wear different coloured jerseys, and each team should have a minimum of two sets of jerseys, one light and the other dark. Home team players must change the colour of their jerseys if the opposing team wears a similar colour during competition.

Player attire includes jersey, shorts, sock, sports shoes with no heels. All jerseys must be tucked in and players are allowed tracksuits when playing in cold weather conditions. All jerseys must be numbered and players are assigned numbers one to 15 for the duration of the competition. Captains of each team must wear an armband on the left arm that is a different colour to the team jersey.

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