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MacRitchie Reservoir has long been one of the most frequently visited running routes in Singapore (image courtesy of Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon facebook).

Regardless of whether you’ve been running down the same path for many years or if you’ve just decided to take the leap of faith and start a running journey, there’s always a route for you to take. Do not be deceived by the urbanized state of Singapore, because running is definitely the most participated individual sport here.

#1 East Coast Park

If you’re picking up running for health reasons or to spend more time with your family, East Coast Park has always been the number one route that comes to mind. Flanked strategically at the sides of the routes are trees large enough to protect runners from the harshness of the sun most of the time, making your running experience a more pleasant one. Even if you have no one to accompany you for a run, there is no need to be intimidated by the thought of running alone. The park is a popular haunt for runners from different walks of life. Not only will you be in their company, but it will also be a good time to expand your circle of friends. 

#2 Punggol Waterway Park

Another family-friendly route takes the form of the Punggol Waterway Park. Surrounded by much greenery, this route takes on a very peaceful atmosphere for runners. Not only is the park beautiful in the morning, but it also transforms into a magical beauty at dusk. The lights come on bright enough to light the route for runners so be rest assured when it comes to safety. Completing the package is the waterway traversing the town centre and coastal promenade, which ushers in a very nice breeze especially in the evening. 

#3 MacRitchie Reservoir

Running is a very raw sport and if you are one of the more adventurous sort, you will definitely enjoy the challenges posed from uneven terrains. Macritchie Reservoir serves up four different trails that may be quite a challenge. The toughest of them all is the 9.5km route with uneven grounds that takes you from one end of the reservoir all the way to another. This is definitely a great choice for those who are up for the various physical challenges.

#4 Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

One of the running routes that you might want to take up for a challenge is the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Rich in biodiversity with about 40% of the nation’s fauna and flora, it is no wonder you will be encountering nature at one of its best in Singapore. What make the routes difficult are the steep slopes and stairs along the way coupled with tough terrains. If you can make it through the routes without stopping at all, be sure to give yourself a big pat on the back. 

#5 Lower Pierce Reservoir

Why people love running so much is because running not only gives them health benefits, but it also takes them to places they have never seen before. Allow your legs to carry you to the Lower Peirce Reservoir, one of the oldest reservoirs in Singapore. 
The advice is to reserve the run nearing sunset because the reservoir would then be set against calm waters and brilliantly coloured skies. Lush greenery, steady waters and a breathtaking sky - what more could a runner find worthy for discovery? The best thing about the reservoir is that it has not been spoilt by human traffic and you can run with a peace of mind.

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