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Rowing equipment is simple in design and their functions are straightforward. When you finally purchase your own rowing equipment, your best tip is to read the manual. The manuals will provide advice on how to clean, maintain and repair your equipment.

Storage is important because your equipment will probably spend as much time in storage as it will on water. As such, it is important to make sure they are stored in a safe and dry place. When putting your boat back on the rack, make sure the riggers (an extension attached to the side of the boat to hold the oars in place) are not touching the walls or resting on anything. The additional pressure can disrupt the rig pitch and you may have difficulties fitting the oars on.

Clean equipment works like a dream. Rinse and wipe down your boat after each session with water and soap. A weekly rinse also enables you to check for wear and tear or catch the need for a small repair before it becomes an expensive one. Waxing the hull every so often can protect your boat from UV rays and pollution. If you find light scratches in the paintwork, you can try a little t-cut metal polish to smooth out the more superficial ones.

Wooden oar handles accumulate oil and dirt over time. Use a stiff brush to scrub them with a mild soapy solution. Different oar grips require different methods for cleaning, but in general, grips should be scrubbed with a non-abrasive scourer and water. Do note that the ribbed rubber grips will age with time and exposure to sunlight. Blue cellular grips need to be cleaned if they feel slimy when they are wet. Scrub the grips with a stiff brush and a weak bleach-and-water solution. Using bleach can help disinfect it too.

Before you take the boat out, you need to make sure all the fasteners are tight. By doing a check to make sure rigger nuts and bolts, and foot stretcher hardware are slightly more than finger tight will significantly decrease chances of unnecessary accidents when you are on the water.

Always carry and place your oars on the docking area with the tips up. Keep all parts of the oars and boat from dragging on the floor. Boats needing repair should be stored upright in slings and not back on the rack.  Two boat slings are needed to hold each boat. Open the folded slings and place the boat on the foam padded part of the sling.  Make sure the slings are placed on level ground and the boat sitting securely on the slings. When moving slings, always hold both the boat and the sling.  When you take a little time to make sure your boat is in tip top condition on land, you will feel more confident when using it on water.

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