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netball shooting drills
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Here are four drills that will help netball players improve their shooting accuracy.  These drills can be executed either while training solo or in pairs. 

1. Solo: Shoot while focusing on posture

This drill can be done alone with one ball and a netball post.  When lining up to take a shot, the player faces the post with her feet hip-distance apart and knees relaxed.

With shoulders and elbows facing forward, she should hold the ball in her shooting hand with fingers soft. The second hand is used for balance but without applying any pressure on the ball; additional pressure will change the ball’s trajectory. 

With ball held high, her arms should be stretching straight upwards. Her elbows by her forehead must be touching her ears.  Her elbow should bend like a lever and stay by the forehead, so that only the top part of the arm moves.

The ball then drops back as her knees bend and the ball is pushed off her hand, making the ball spin upwards on a high trajectory as the arm and knees straighten.  The hand flicks forward ending up with a high arm and a down turned hand.  Practice shooting from different angles. 

Note: Video on shooting

2. Make 10 shots with as little tries as possible  

Two players work with one ball, one goal post and 10 cones. Player 1 is the shooter and Player 2 is the feeder. This drill can be timed to see how fast a player can make 10 shots in a row.  The aim is to complete the course taking as few shots as possible.   Player 1 must take a shot from each cone but she can only move on to the next cone if she makes a successful shot.  The role of Player 2 is to collect the ball after each shot and feeds the shooter.   

3. Shooting past a defender 

Two players must work with one ball and a hoop. Player 1 is the shooter and Player 2 will defend.   The shooter’s aim is to overcome the arms of the defender to successfully shoot under constant pressure.   This drill is ideal for spotting any wrong technique exhibited by the shooter, who is required to flick the ball up and over the defender.   

4. Shooting cardio training  

Two players work with one ball. Player 1 is the shooter and Player 2 helps to retrieve the ball.  This drill is by far the toughest as it requires the shooter to build up stamina while maintaining accurate shooting.  

To start, Player 2 will position the ball anywhere in the semi circle.  The task of Player 1 as the shooter is to run to touch the sideline of the court and sprint back to the ball.  The shooter then picks up the ball and takes the shot before running back to the sideline whilst the retriever repositions the ball anywhere within the semi circle. 

The aim is for Player 1 to get 10 shots in the shortest time possible, as prolonged periods of running will only wear down the shooter and cause her accuracy to fall.

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