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 judo choking

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The moves in this article are simple and easy to do, but they should be carried out without snapping or jerking. As with most grappling moves, there is a certain amount of pressure applied on nerve centres, so a snap or tug can easily cause serious injury.

Naked Arm Lock (Hadaka Jime)

You start from behind your opponent’s back and you insert your right arm under your opponent’s neck, palm facing down and clasp your left palm ensuring that the blade of your wrist is firmly against the side of the neck of your opponent. Keeping your head on the left of your opponent’s head helps to position your right shoulder directly behind your opponent’s head. This allows your right shoulder to block the opponent’s head as you pull your arms back towards yourself to apply the choke.

Single Wing Neck Lock (Kata Ha Jime)

You start from behind your opponent’s back. Using your left hand, pull his left lapel down, then use your right hand to yank the lapel across his neck while your left hand goes under his left armpit to lift his hand above his head and push his head down from the back of his neck. Straighten your opponent’s back to make it easier to control him.

Sliding Collar Neck Lock (Okuri Eri Jime)

Once again starting from behind your opponent’s back, use your left hand to go under his left armpit and reach for his left lapel, pulling it down. Then, you grab the left lapel with your right hand, which should be around the bottom of your opponent’s neck. Your left hand moves to grab his right lapel, before slowly pulling both lapels in, almost as if you’re wringing his neck.

If your opponent attempts to escape by crossing his arms and holding onto his own lapel, you could put your right leg on his right shoulder and push his right hand off his own lapel. You can then trap his right arm by crossing your legs behind his back.

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