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judo equipment 

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The Judogi is the formal Japanese name for the traditional uniform used for Judo practice and competition. A Judogi comprises three parts that are usually cut from different fabrics: a very heavy jacket, lighter canvas pants, and a cotton belt. The jacket and pants are white, or blue for some competitions, while the belt is a certain colour according to the grade of the wearer.

Competitors must have both white and blue judogis because one contestant in each match is designated to wear a blue gi while the other wears a white gi. Many parts of the uniform are used in various techniques, so knowing the names for the different parts are very useful.

1.    Back lapel (Ushiro-eri)
2.    Right lapel (Migi-yoko-eri)
3.    Left lapel (Hidari-yoko-eri)
4.    Right front lapel (Migi-mae-eri)
5.    Left front lapel (Hidari-mae-eri)
6.    Right outer middle sleeve (Migi-soto-naka-sode)
7.    Left outer middle sleeve (Hidari-soto-naka-sode)
8.    Front belt (Mae-obi)
9.    Rear belt (Ushiro-obi)
10.    Right belt side (Migi-yoko-obi)
11.    Left belt side (Hidari-yoko-obi)
12.    Right sleeve cuff (Migi-sodeguchi)
13.    Left sleeve cuff (Hidari-sodeguchi)
14.    Skirt of the jacket (Suso)
15.    Right pant cuff (Migi-suso-guchi)
16.    Left pant cuff (Hidari-suso-guchi)

How to wear the Judogi
Put on the top and bottom of your Judogi as you would a normal pair of pants and shirt. Allow the left flap of the judo top to cross over the right, and do not tuck in your judo top.

How to wear the belt
1.    Wrap the belt twice around your body, with the ends open at the front of your waist a few inches below your navel.
2.    The ends should be of equal length.
3.    Pull the judo belt tightly around your waist, so that it is snug without restricting your movement or causing you discomfort.
4.    Take the right end and tuck it behind both lengths of the belt, coming in from the bottom.
5.    Pull the right end up above the belt, and continue to hold it with your hand.
6.    Do the same for the left end of your judo belt, bringing it underneath the belt and up, eventually holding it up even with the other end.
7.    Wrap the left end of your judo belt out and over the top of the right end to tie it correctly.
8.    Bring the left down through the hole of the inner loop and pull out both ends of the belt.
9.    Tighten your judo belt by pulling both ends of the belt toward the outside of your body until the knots begin to form.
10.    When done, the knot should be tight and fairly symmetrical.  

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