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judo rules

Basic rules of Judo

Before you get started in Judo, learn the basic rules of the sport.

judo ranking and belts

Judo ranking system and belt colours

Practitioners in judo are ranked based on coloured belts, according to specific grades.

judo equipment

Judo attire

Learn more about the traditional uniform used for Judo, as well as how to put it on properly.

judo breakfall

How to do a break fall in Judo

Learning how to break a fall in Judo is an essential technique that will help to prevent injuries.

judo ground techniques

Ground techniques in Judo

After you have thrown your opponent to the ground, you will have to know how to perform grappling techniques.

Judo Singapore 1

Judging a Judo competition

Find out what are the three main scoring categories in Judo.

judo choking

Judo choking techniques

Learn some simple choking techniques that can be used at any stage in your judo journey.

judo joint lock

Judo joint locking techniques

Learn some of the basic arm lock techniques in Judo.

judo pinning

Pinning techniques in Judo

Find out what are some of the various pinning techniques in Judo.

Judo Singapore 3

Throwing techniques in Judo

Master these various throwing techniques, so that you’re prepared to take on opponents in Judo.

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