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How to stop while ice skating?

A beginners guide to the various ways to stop while ice skating, from the basic snow plough stop and T-stops to hockey stops and Front T-stops.

How to perform a forward swizzle?

Swizzle is a basic step that all skaters learn in the beginning of their education. Start by placing your blades in a "V" formation with the heels touching.

How to overcome your fear of falling on ice

Falling will happen many times as a beginner on the ice. Professional and competitive skaters fall a lot, but they seldom get hurt. This article recommends the right ways to recover from a fall on ice.

How to perform a spiral

Spiralling has an interesting history. It is said to have originated from the arabesque position from ballet. In figure skating, spiralling is when skater glides on one foot while the other foot is raised above hip level.

How to execute a crossover in ice skating?

A beginner's guide to performing the forward crossover and backward crossover used in ice skating.

Learn to skate with Singapore's ice princess

Learn the basics to ice skating and figure skating with Lea Ong, Singapore's next rising star on ice.

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