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The average speed for a speed skater is 13.4 metres / second. photo by Foo Tee Fok/SportsSG
 07 January 2019 By Ian Lai

4th SEA Open Short Track Trophy comes to an end

The 4th SEA Open Short Track Skate Trophy commenced last Saturday, 4 January 2019 at The Rink @ JCube.

Singapore no. 46 Koh Zen Sheng Sian and no. 48 Tan Trevor Xu Xuan, Junior C Boys working as a team at the SEA Short Track Trophy event. Photo by Foo Tee Fok/SportSG
 03 April 2018 By Gwen Kho

Singapore lands third place at 2018 SEA Short Track Trophy

Over the Easter holidays, the Rink was filled with nerves and excitement as Team Singapore junior to senior speed skaters competed against short track skaters from 11 countries.

cheyenne goh
 17 February 2018 By Sport Singapore

Team Singapore speed skater Cheyenne Goh makes debut at Winter Olympics

Team Singapore short track speed skater Cheyenne Goh made her debut at the Winter Olympics a short while earlier, coming in fifth during her heats

Winter Olympics Quinn Rooney/ Getty Images
 12 February 2018 By Jen Booton/ SportTechie

How technology will transform the Olympics at PyeongChang

If the Super Bowl is one of the biggest showcases of innovation in the U.S., the Olympic Games have become a platform for which companies can display their latest technologies in connectivity and digital media on a global stage.

Cheyenne Goh Photo: SNOC
 08 February 2018 By Gary Yang

Team Singapore athlete Cheyenne Goh to make history

After becoming the first Singaporean to qualify for the Winter Olympics, Team Singapore short track speed skater Cheyenne Goh will once again leave her mark on Singapore’s sporting history by being the first Team Singapore athlete to compete at the Pyeongchang Games on 17 February.

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