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golf singapore

Rules of Golf

While golf may look like an uncomplex game, involving only hitting balls into holes, there are actually many rules that a player has to follow.

golf singapore

Equipment required for golf

Learn about some of the gear you’ll find on a golf course.

golf singapore

Different types of golf clubs

Learn about golf club classifications, and which types are best suited for your shot.

golf singapore

Etiquette in Golf

All golfers must comply with a specific set of rules governing etiquette on the golf course. These are targeted at preventing injury, conflict, and damage.

Golf 1

Golf handicapp

Not sure what golfers are referring to when they mention the handicap system? In this article, we share with you the basics of this regulation.

Golf 8

Golf match play vs stroke play

Be introduced to the two kinds of golf competition styles - match play and stroke play, and find out some of the key differences between both penalty systems.

golf singapore

How to grip a golf club

Be on your way to a perfect swing by deciding which grip, out of the four in this article, suits you best.

Golf 2

Scoring in golf

Learn how to distinguish between the two different scoring systems for match play and stroke play.

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