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Catching a disc is not as easy as it seems. Advanced Ultimate Frisbee players who make catching look easy hone their skills through plenty of playing experience and hours of training. As catching drills often call for a partner, grab a friend to help you practice.

Before you embark on your journey to be the Ultimate catcher, keep some of these tips in mind:

1.    Move To The Disc
The thrower might have meant for you to catch the disc, but that doesn’t mean that it will definitely end up in your hands. So move fast, be the first person to intercept the flight of the disc and catch it.

2.    Be Alert And Ready To Jump
This might sound silly, but try jumping as high as you can as part of your training so when the right moment comes you will be ready to leap to make the catch. As the field can get crowded, a good vertical leap can gain you an advantage.

3.    Two Is Better Than One
When catching a disc, it is always best to use a two-handed catch. As two-handed catches have more versatility, giving you a much greater chance at catching the Frisbee regardless of your skill level. However, if the opportunity calls for it you can use just one hand.

4.    It’s All In The Mind
Catching a disc can also prove to be a mental challenge. Sometimes the Frisbee flies strange or it may seem impossible to catch, but if you are concentrating hard enough there is a chance you’ll make it. Tell yourself you can do it, visualise the catch and get your body and hands in the right position.

Now that we are done with the tips, here are some catching drills you can try.

1.    Left and Right
Get a friend and a few discs ready. Stand 15 meters apart, and get your partner to start throwing the discs straight towards you. Try catching the Frisbees one-handedly with alternate hands. Repeat till you’re efficient with both hands. To make things a little harder, do it while alternating between catching with your palms up and down.

We all have a dominant hand that we favour and are most adept with, but this drill helps you train both hands at the same time. This gives you an edge on the field so you don’t just have to rely on a single hand to catch the discs.

2.    Run and Catch
You will need the help of two to three friends for this drill. Each friend has to be armed with a Frisbee, standing 5 to 10 meters away from each other. Next, get ready to make a run in the direction where your friends are standing. While you run, your partners are to throw the discs freely and you will have to catch them.

This is a great drill for training the versatility in your catching. Especially since it sort of imitates the situation on the field. If possible, your friends could also try different throws.

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