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Ultimate Rules (Spirit of the Game)

Forget referees. In Ultimate Frisbee it is all about sportsmanship and fair play.


Scoring and faults in Ultimate Frisbee

Here’s how to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Find out how to score as well as the basic rules and infringements.


Backhand throw

It’s not just racquet sports that employ a backhand. Find out more about the backhand throw in Ultimate Frisbee and the technique behind it.


Forehand throws

Fast, easy and effortless, the Forehand Throw is a favourite for most Ultimate Frisbee players. Here are some simple tips and exercises to get your throw right.


Basic catching techniques

Master these two basic catching techniques to give yourself a strong foundation in the game.


Safety considerations in Ultimate Frisbee

At first look, Ultimate Frisbee might seem like a pretty safe sport. But every athletic activity has their risks, so it is important to take precautions to prevent injuries.


Warming up for Ultimate frisbee

Always remember to warm-up before you start playing or even throwing the disc around. Those 10 to 20 minutes of stretching could just be the difference from enjoying your game or suffering from avoidable muscle pulls and aches.

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