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Learn to score like Fandi

A feature article starring Singapore football legend Fandi Ahmad, who teaches beginners about the art of finishing.

How do I make a short pass in football?

3 tips on how to master the short pass in football, with increased control and accuracy.

How do I execute a long pass in football?

3 Tips on how to execute a long pass in football, and how long passes are different from short passes.

How do you control a moving football?

An article with tips on how to improve your ball control technique in order to have a good first touch.


How do I dribble for soccer?

A look at dribbling in football, why and how it is carried out and the different types of dribbling techniques you can use to get pastyour opponent.

How do you head a football?

An article that provides tips on the right technique to head a football, and the different types of headers used.

How do you shoot in football?

We discuss 3 types of shots used in football, and provide tips on how to improve your shooting technique.

When and how do you perform volley shots in football?

A step by step guide on how to execute a volley shot in football, where timing and technique is everything.

Football Standing Tackle

How do you tackle in football?

Tips on how to perform a front and side standing block tackle in football, to dispossess your opponent and regain possession for your team.

When do you use a slide tackle in football?

The correct techniques to execute a slide tackle and 3 very important points to be weary off when performing this tackle to avoid injury.

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