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As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Hence, it’s easier to visualise drills than to read about it. We’ve handpicked three great YouTube Channels to supplement this article with videos showcasing dribbling techniques. You may wish to check out our article on the basics of dribbling before watching the videos. The orders of the channels are according to skill levels, so we suggest starting from the top and work your way down progressively to improve your skills.

Dribbling Drills for Beginners

This video teaches several dribbling drills and techniques to work on your first touches and building a strong core.

The video highlights the fundamental of dribbling is essential as it improves your dribbling skills as well as your first touches. Being able to correct a “bad touch” quickly will help improve one’s dribbling drills. The simple and quick drills in the video shows how one can practice to improve their “touches” with the ball as well as to be in control of the ball at all times.


Always be on your toes so you can quickly react to where the ball is heading and be in control of them as you dribble the ball across the pitch.


Intermediate drills

This video will help you transition from a Beginner to an Intermediate level by showcasing serval dribbling drills for you to put to practice. You may start with the easier ones such as the straight line cone weave to the gated turn drill. It introduces a series of exercises and drills for improving fast footwork and movement. Having completed your dribbling drill practices, you may also wish to check out our passing and control drills or shooting drills.


Advance drills

After practicing and mastering the skills and drills taught in the previous two videos, try out some techniques in this video to bring your skills to the next level. These advance dribbling drills demonstrate how you can beat the defenders in a match, however, be sure to practice before trying them out in a real soccer match.


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