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  1. Tell us why you like playing soccer and how it started. Did anyone influence you?

    I can’t remember when I started playing soccer; it was when I am really young. My brother was (and still is) crazy about soccer, my mother used to play when she was younger and my father still plays soccer. We would meet several other kids in our neighbourhood everyday to play. Over the years, my brother would “train” me and teach me some techniques.

  2. How long have you been active in this sport and what is your position in the team?

    I wanted to get into a secondary school with a women’s soccer team, but my PSLE score prevented me from doing so. As soon as I joined Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) five years ago, I signed up for the women’s soccer team. By then the neighbourhood kids had either moved out or did not have time to meet up.

    I was a centre back when I joined the NYP team. My seniors and former players would come back for training and they would share their experiences with us. Learning from them helped me to get better and eventually, I was made captain of the NYP school team in my final year.

    After taking a one year break, I joined a club team, Winchester. I am the vice-captain of the team and I’m still playing as a centre back.

  3. Have you won any championships before? When and where did you win them?

    During my time at NYP, we came in 3rd in the interschool POLITE competitions (POLITE; Poly-ITE games).

    The NYP team also took part in the FAS National Youth League as NYPGA (Nangyang Polytechnic Graduates Alumni), with players consisting of current and former students, and we finished somewhere in the middle of the table.

    Currently at Winchester, a 2-year-old team, our position on the FAS Women’s Premier League table is 7th out of 9 teams. However, we’ve received positive comments from other teams so we are continuously working hard to improve.

    For more information on FAS Women’s Premier League, please visit:’s-premier-league

  4. Do you think women can play soccer as well as men?

    Women can be as skillful, or even more so than men (I’ve met a lot of women footballers who put some of my guy friends to shame"¦haha). However, we tend to be a bit softer in terms of going in for the tackles and strength.

  5. What is your training schedule like?

    Due to league sessions being on now, trainings are twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday nights with matches on Sunday afternoons. Off season training will only be once a week on Thursday nights with the occasional friendly match on Saturday.

  6. Other than soccer, what other sports do you do?

    I used to play Netball in secondary school. It is a very different sport, but the principles of running into space and working together as a team remains the same.

  7. How do you juggle between your day job and your training?

    Training is from 7.30pm to 10.00pm so I have enough time to get to my training. I leave my office at 6pm. Going for my training with my teammates after a tough day at work always cheers me up so I try not to miss any session. If I have to due to other reasons, I will try to make up for it by going to the gym.

  8. Last few words for women who would like to venture into this sport?

    Go for it; it’s not a sport exclusively for men; it’s a great workout and great fun. As one of my teammates says, “Gender does not define greatness, great does.”

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