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Floorball was introduced to Singaporeans in 1994. In 1996, Singapore sent its first National team to compete in the 1st World Floorball Championship (WFC) held in Sweden. It was also the first time an Asian nation competed in the WFC. The popularity of Floorball has since grown and is widely played both competitively and as a recreational sport.

The Singapore Floorball Association was formed in 1995. It aims to encourage, develop and manage the sport of Floorball at national and international levels in Singapore. It also strives to promote Floorball to countries within the region. 

Singapore Floorball Association manages the development and promotion of the game to more than 15,000 players and more than 200 schools and 100 clubs. Through the organisation of Singapore Floorball Leagues, National Inter-Schools tournaments, coaching courses and officiating seminars, SFA aims to promote Floorball to Singaporeans of all ages and continuously improve the standard of the sport locally.