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Find out interesting facts about fitness and wellness in Singapore and around the world.

Five benefits of Yoga

Yoga is a very complete mind and body exercise system that offers several benefits to its practitioners.

How many types of yoga are there?

While new branches of yoga have been springing up all around the world, this article looks at the popular types of yoga offered here in Singapore.

workout ideas office

5 workout ideas for the working Singaporean

Most working adults in Singapore have hectic office schedules to contend with, and sometimes even having a workout at the gym twice a week would seem like a luxury.

Interval training better than runs for losing weight

Interval training mimics the start-stop motion in games, varying periods of explosive sprinting followed by light jogging or rest.

Staying healthy with WII games

Here’s a list of 5 Wii games that will help you get a workout in your living room, regardless of whether it is blazing hot, or raining cats and dogs outside.

What is cardio exercise

Cardio workouts are usually low to medium in intensity, designed to keep your heart rate up for a long period of time. They condition and strengthen your heart to deliver oxygen to the muscles more effectively, thereby also increasing your stamina.

Pilates versus Yoga

Pilates and yoga are wonderful forms of exercise, and like any workout, you need concentration, consistent practice, and awareness, in order to enjoy the benefits.

pilates and ageing

73 and going strong with Pilates

While many people seem to be happy to blame immobility on simply just getting older, Kum Wone and her friends knew very well that the body joints and muscles deteriorate more from inactivity then just simply aging.

yoga benefits liane

Lianne Mui's love for yoga

Lianne shares the health benefits she has experienced after picking up yoga two years ago.

clubfitt gyms singapore

Popularity of ClubFitt gyms on the rise

ActiveSG gyms, formerly known as ClubFitt gyms, provide a whole new experience of working out at affordable prices.

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