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! SportSG’s Advisory On Gradual Resumption Of Sport And Physical Exercise / Activity After Circuit Breaker (2 June Onwards) is now available. Refer to our latest advisory and FAQs  for more details.
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Fencing rules

Learn more about the basic rules that govern the sport of fencing.


Fencing equipment

Learn more about all the equipment you’ll need in order to fence safely.


Fencing movements: Defensive

Learn more about how to defend against your opponent’s attacks in fencing.


Fencing movements: Offensive

Learn more about the offensive moves used in fencing.


Fencing movements: Stances

Learn more about the different stances in fencing, and when to use them.


Fencing competition types: Foil, Sabre, and Epee

Learn more about the different weapons and the rules that govern the respective bouts.


Fencing terminology

Understand and appreciate the sport better by learning more about the common terms and phrases used in fencing.

Live Better Through Sport - Sport Singapore recognises the value of sport in advancing the national priorities of developing our people and bonding our communities.


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