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Cycling gear for a safe ride day or night

Whether you are cycling in the day or night, being visible is important especially if you choose to ride on the roads. Learn about the additional gears to bring along for a night ride.

How to adjust bicycle saddle height_thumbnail TT

How to Adjust My Bicycle Saddle Height Correctly?

Setting your bicycle saddle height incorrectly is bad for you – not only will it result in pedaling inefficiency, you might sustain injuries over a prolonged period of time.

Bicycle Multi-tool

7 Essential Bike Tools & Items to Bring on Your Ride

When you are out riding, mechanical issues are bound to occur. Hence, you should be self-reliant. Here are 7 essential items to bring along when you are out on your bike.

Road Bike Action

The Sport of Cycling and the Various Types of Bicycles

New to cycling? Not sure which bicycle to start with? Learn about the popular bicycle sports and their respective equipment.

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