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! SportSG’s Advisory For Resumption Of Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity For Phase Three (“Safe Nation”) is now available. Refer to our latest advisory and FAQs for more details.
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Rules of Cricket

Learn more about the rules that govern a game of cricket.


Cricket movement: Batting

Learn more about the tips and techniques to batting in order to hit better shots, improve your run rate and prevent getting dismissed by bowlers.


Cricket movement: Fielding

Learn more about the basics of fielding in cricket. Here are some useful fielding positions, drills and tips to get you started.


Cricket movement: Run

Find out more about how to score runs in cricket and the keys to getting a good run partnership going during a game.


Cricket movment: Bowling

Find out more about bowling in cricket, bowling restrictions, and the different types of bowlers you find in the sport.


Cricket terminology

Learn more about the terms used in cricket.


Equipment required for Cricket

Here are the equipment you need for a game of cricket.


Scoring in Cricket

cricket, score, run, score a run, win, play, batsman, wicket, boundary


Types of Cricket competitions

Find out more about the different formats of competition and matches in cricket.

Live Better Through Sport - Sport Singapore recognises the value of sport in advancing the national priorities of developing our people and bonding our communities.


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