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  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and why you started rock climbing?

    I have always been into sports since I was a kid. Rock climbing is something different from the regular sports most people do. It does not only require the physical strength, it also involves a fair bit of forward planning to make your climb a successful and smooth one. Probably because of this little added challenge, I got attracted to it.

  2. Do you think it is rare for women to participate in rock climbing as a sport? What motivated you to pick up rock climbing?

    It is actually not that rare these days. The sport has picked up amongst women in the past few years and there are plenty of great women climbers out there that will 'wow' you over. Seeing these women scale the big walls elegantly and flawlessly serves as a great motivation me.

  3. What does one need, to be able to rock climb?

    It is not so much of the physical ability but the willingness to try a new challenge. Once you carry that kind of spirit within you, half the battle is already won.

  4. Have you done any kind of rock climbing overseas? If yes, please share your experience with us.

    I have climbed in popular climbing havens around the region like Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Each climbing site is unique because of the type of rocks and the route that has been bolted. The best part about climbing overseas is that the people you meet are from different cultures and are of varying nationalities, yet coming together to pursue the same passion.

  5. Where can women who are interested to learn rock climbing find relevant details?

    To start, you can go for the basic Level 1 Sport Climbing course in any of the climbing gym. This will introduce you to the 'know-how' of the sport of climbing and most importantly what are the safety measures you need to take note of to make your climbing experience an enjoyable one. Rock climbing gyms like Climb Asia and Onsight have well trained instructors that are able to guide you through this.

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