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Boxing 3

Image credit: Andrew Tan/SportSG

Out of the 17 alphabetical weight classes across boxing, amateur boxing accommodates 11 different classes that encompass very specific weight requirements for participants.

Weight classes between male and female amateur boxing are largely similar, with the exception of the pinweight and heavyweight. A weigh in has to take place before every bout, in order to ensure that he or she is qualified to compete in that particular weight class.


The pinweight applies only to women’s amateur boxing, and boxers have to be in the weight range of between 44 to 46 kilograms.

Light Flyweight

According to Olympic standards, a light flyweight boxer must weigh no more than 48 kilograms.


One class above the light flyweight, the flyweight class is defined by a range of 49 to 52 kilograms.


The bantamweight class is for boxers who are above 52 kilograms but less than 53.5 kilograms.


Featherweight classes are restricted to boxers between 54 kilograms to 57 kilograms.


The lightweight category sets its limits between 59 kilograms to 61 kilograms.

Lighter welterweight

The light welterweight is an offshoot of a previous larger and more general division of between 54 to 67 kilograms from the featherweight, lightweight and welterweight categories. This category limits the boxer to a maximum of 64 kilograms.


The welterweight category is for boxers between 64 to 69 kilograms.


Boxers in the middleweight weight class have to weigh between 70 to 73 kilograms.

Light heavyweight

The light heavyweight boxer has to be above 76 kilograms, but below 80 kilograms.


The heavyweight section only applies to women’s amateur boxing, and has a requirement of  boxers being above 81 kilograms.

Super Heavyweight

The super heavyweight class is usually meant for male boxers who weigh over 91 kilograms, and is equal to the heavyweight class in professional boxing.

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