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boxing 11

Rules of Boxing

Find out the fundamental rules of a boxing match.

Boxing 4

Boxing Terminology

Here are some terms you should know in order to fully enjoy the sport of boxing.

boxing 10

Equipment needed in Boxing

Before taking part in a boxing match, make sure you have all the necessary equipment.

Boxing 5

Popular boxing styles

Here are the popular styles that boxers employ during a match.

boxing 12

Scoring in Boxing

Find out more about how to score in a boxing bout.

boxing 13

Boxing movements: Stances

Find out more about the basic stances that boxers adopt.

Boxing 1

Boxing movements: Punches

Here are some of the common punching techniques in boxing, and how you can execute them.

boxing 9

Defending in Boxing

Here are a few ways you can defend yourself in a boxing match.

Boxing 3

Weight Classes in Boxing

Learn about the different weight classes that boxers compete in.

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