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Rules in cuesports

Rules in Cuesport

Here are the basic rules that govern pool, snooker and billiards.

cuesport terminology

Cuesport terminology

While there are many different games in cuesports such as billiards, pool and snooker, there exists a great deal of familiarity between them. Here are common terms that you will come across in cue sports.

equipment needed in cuesport

Cuesport equipment

At its core, a game of cuesports, such as pool, snooker or billiards, basically requires the same equipment. Here is a list of things that you need to play the game.

cuesport scoring system

Cuesport scoring system

Scoring in cuesports is different from other ball games. Each variation of the sport has a different scoring system, and here are the most common ones.

cuesports different shots

Cuesport different types of shots

Find out how to hit the cue ball at different places in order to get the exact shot you need to win the game.

cuesports types of hand position

Cuesport types of hand positions

Check out the different types of hand positions used to form a bridge in cuesports.

ball movement in cuesports

Ball movements in Cuesports

Find out how to get the cue ball to move exactly where you want it to through the use of angles.

cuesports variations of pool

Variations of Pool

Find out the different ways you can play the game of pool.

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