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Cuesports Singapore, formerly known as The Singapore Billiards and Snooker Council, has been serving the interests of billiard sports since 1892 when it was known as The Billiards Club. It changed to its present name in 1965 and is recognised as the sole governing body for the games of Billiards, Snooker, Pool and Carom and any other game(s) played on a Billiards, Pool or Carom Table in Singapore.

As a National Sports Association, its objectives include:
  • To draw up or adopt from any accredited source the Rules and Regulations for games played on Billiards, Pool or Carom Table; 
  • To promote and arrange competitions for the game(s) governed and controlled by the Cuesports’ ; 
  • To seek affiliation to the Regional and International Bodies for the furtherance of the game; 
  • To advance and safeguard generally the interest of the game(s) under Cuesports’ governing powers and control; 
  • To select National players, who are Singapore citizens, to represent Singapore and participate in regional and international tournaments; and 
  • To conduct courses and training for players, coaches and referees