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basketball 101 shooting workout

The right way to shoot a basketball

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ABL 2017 26 NOV 2017 - 11 MAR 2018

While most people learn to dribble a basketball when they first pick up the sport, they soon progress to shooting, because that’s what scores you the points!

If you want to become the star shooter of your team, have a look at some quick tips on the right way to shoot in basketball.

Ng Hanbin, Team Singapore basketballer and one of the Singapore Slingers, brought us through the proper shooting form, better known as the B.E.E.F. shooting technique.

basketball 101 shootingPhoto: SportSG

Bend your knees
Keeping your knees slightly bent will lower your centre of gravity, and help you get a better sense of balance. In order to get in the right form in the shortest amount of time, establishing your balance before you receive the ball would be best.

Eyes on target
It’s important to know where you’re aiming at, so your eyes should be locked on your target at least one second before you shoot. As a guide, Hanbin suggests looking at either the front or back of the rim.

Elbows aligned under the ball
While holding onto the ball, have your arm in a 90-degree angle, with the elbows positioned below the ball. The ball should be held in front of you and never behind your head. A stable position before you shoot will help to ensure the ball travels via your intended path.

You should be holding the ball with your dominant hand (the hand you will shoot with), leaving a gap between the ball and your palm. This is to ensure that you’re using your fingers to shoot the ball, instead of pushing it with your hand, which might make the ball go off course. Your other hand will serve as a support, holding the ball at its side.

basketball 101 shootingPhoto: SportSG

Follow through

This last step is crucial. Be sure you complete the entire range of motion when shooting the basketball. You should flick your wrists to shoot the ball toward your target, and your arms and wrists should be in an extended position as you let go of the ball. The movement ends with your arm pointing towards the target, with your fingers pointing downward.

The B.E.E.F. technique should be executed in one smooth movement, since you need to be fast in a basketball game. Set aside some time to practice the movements, and it’ll feel like a natural reflex soon enough!

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