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basketball 101

Adopting the triple threat position in basketball

Whenever he receives the ball on the court, Singapore Slingers’ player Ng Hanbin tries to take up the triple threat position, which he considers to be the most advantageous.

basketball 101

Basics of dribbling a basketball

Dribbling is one of the first skills you learn when picking up the sport of basketball, and it’s one of the most basic skills to play the game.

Coach Neo

Coach Neo keen to foster love of basketball at ActiveSG academy

Boasting plenty of experience working with elite basketball players, former national team coach Neo Beng Siang decided to accept the role of principal at the ActiveSG Basketball Academy in hopes of taking the local scene to greater heights.

basketball 101

How to secure a rebound in basketball

To better your odds of receiving a rebound, Singapore Slingers Ng Hanbin, shares the two important things to keep in mind, namely your position and technique.

ActiveSG Basketball 101

Increasing your accuracy at the free throw line

Learn some basic tips on how to improve your accuracy at the free throw line in a basketball game from Singapore Slingers' Ng Hanbin in this feature piece.

Hanbin Ng

Singapore Slingers Ng Hanbin goes the distance for the next generation

At 28 years of age, Team Singapore basketballer and Singapore Slingers player Ng Hanbin can count on some 18 years of experience duking it out on the court. Now, he is eager to give back to the community and the sport that is closest to his heart.

basketball 101 shooting

The right way to shoot a basketball

If you want to become the star shooter of your team, have a look at some quick tips on the right way to shoot in basketball.

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