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Player positions in Softball


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A softball pitch is made up of two sections - the infield and outfield areas. The first, second, third bases are surrounded by a curved area that, along with the square area within the four bases, form the infield. The infield is somewhat shaped like a quadrant, with two perpendicular lines joined by a curve. Its ground is usually made of gravel.

The infield area extends out to form a larger area in the same shape, and this additional area is known as the outfield, which is typically characterised by its grassy surface. Foul lines are the straight lines that outline the entire infield and outfield area, and they denote the area within which the ball must be played.

The playing field, or “diamond”, is the square within the infield that surrounds the four bases - the home plate, along with the first, second, and third bases. The total perimeter of this square measures an approximate 18 metres, and the bases are positioned in numerical order: the home plate is situated at the point of the quadrant, and the first base is extended out at a right angle to its right. The following corners house the second and third bases.

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The defensive team will play their first baseman (1B) at the first base, and he or she will guard the area around it. The second baseman (2B) defends the length between first and second bases, as well as the second base, while the shortstop (SS) takes on the part between second and third bases. The third baseman (3B) is responsible for the area around the third base.

The pitcher (P) stands on the pitcher’s mound, which is positioned in the middle of all the bases. This mound is a circle, with a rectangular “pitcher’s rubber” placed inside it. The catcher (C), on the other hand, will stand behind the home plate, which is marked out by a pentagon at the tip of the playing field. The outfielders will play on the outfield area, and stand according to their positions - left outfielder (LF), centre outfielder (CF), and right outfielder (RF).

The offensive side consists only of the batter, who stands in a batter’s box next to the home plate. There are two rectangular batter’s boxes on either side of the home plate that cater to both right- and left-handed players.

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