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Softball 1

Softball game rules

Be introduced to the basics of softball, and how to gain an advantage for your team.


Softball vs Baseball

Arguably a variant of baseball, softball may seem to be rather similar to the former. However, there are several differences that every beginner must be mindful of.

Softball 4

How to win a softball game

After learning the rules as well as the roles of the fielding and batting team, you should now learn how to win a game of softball.


Softball gear

Find out what are the essentials that you will need to equip yourself with in order to play a safe game of softball.


Features of a softball pitch

In this article, we outline the basics of a softball pitch, and where the different playing positions are located.


Player positions in Softball

There are several positions a player may take on in a game. This is a brief introduction to the responsibilities of each.


Umpire signals in softball

Find out more about the umpire signals that players must obey in a game of softball, as well as what each means.

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