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Image credit: Tiger Balm

By Dylan Mah/Sportsanity

400m hurdles national record, first woman in 16 years to deliver a track medal at the 2013 Southeast Asian (SEA) Games and 2012 London Summer Olympic Games competitor,  these are just some of the achievements that Dipna Lim-Prasad has under her belt.

However, she has no intention of stopping just yet. The recent graduate from Nanyang Technological University’s Sport Science and Management programme has made the decision to train full-time under Georgian coach, Viatcheslav Vassiliev, with the goals of clinching a gold medal at the 2015 SEA Games and qualifying for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Games.

Finding more time for rest after graduation is key in stepping up her game. “Because I’ve decided to train full-time, I am able to rest a lot more, which is crucial for me to be able to push myself at training every day,” said Dipna. “I am much fresher when it comes to training sessions and I recover quicker. This means that I can either do the same workout much more effectively or handle a heavier workload.”

As with most athletes competing at the highest level, Dipna’s athletic journey is not without challenges and letdowns. She recounted her grave experience of dealing with several personal losses leading up to London 2012, which affected her preparation, and hopes to be more ready for Rio 2016. When asked about what keeps her going, the chirpy sprinter replied: “I have good and bad days just like everyone else. Sometimes I remind myself of why I chose to take this path and other days I look to my training mates and fellow Team Singapore team mates like Theresa Goh, (Saiyidah) Aisyah and Dinah (Chan).

Each Team Singapore athlete has a unique story to tell about the sacrifices and obstacles they had to overcome to get to where they are today. I love hearing all their stories because they inspire me and make me want to be more like them!”

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