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by Nicolette Mok

Trying to get more agile and flexible on the track? Look no further than a couple of hip mobility exercises that we have for you here.

Designed to “open up a range of movements” for an athlete’s hips, according to Team Singapore hurdler Kerstin Ong, these exercises can help most track and field athletes, but are especially useful to those seeking to get better at hurdling.

Hurdles Drills Photo: SportSG

Straight leg kick

Get started by lining a series of hurdles side-by-side on the track, packed as closely together as possible. Stand at one end of the row, facing the edge – rather than the bar – of the first hurdle. You will be moving along the length of the row of hurdles, bringing your leg over their edges in kicks.

Execute a high kick over the edge of the first hurdle with the leg that is closer to it. Next, bring your other leg – the trailing leg – over that same hurdle in another high kick. Ensure that both your legs remain as straight as possible at all times. Continue doing so, till you’ve crossed the entire series of hurdles.

Once you’ve completed the course, repeat the exercise, beginning with a different leg, while facing the same direction.

Having familiarised yourself with the movements, try the kicks with little hops for rhythm, in order to increase your speed.

Hurdles DrillsPhoto: SportSG

Walking hurdles

Begin with your hurdles positioned as you had arranged them for the earlier exercise. Stand at one end of the row, facing the bars of the hurdles. Walk over the hurdles, crossing a hurdle with each step that you take.

Make sure not to rotate your legs outwards as you bring them over the hurdles – their movements should be led by the knees and begin from the front of your body, rather than your side.  

As with the earlier exercise, progress to hopping with each step once you’ve gotten the hang of this drill!

Hurdles Drills

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