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Mok Ying Ren 

Image Credit: Oakley Singapore

By CC of SportSanity

Does Ying Ren run daily? Does he do any other exercises? What is his diet like?
To many of us who only know or read about Mok Ying Ren through newspaper articles and sports magazines, these thoughts are very common. Last Saturday, I was invited by Oakley Singapore to take part in the “Test with the Best” event. The event not only gave me the chance to learn more about fitness from Mr Superstar, Mok Ying Ren and Ben Pulham, it also allowed them to know more about the benefits of wearing Oakley’s Road Specific Lens as we got to wear Oakley’s latest OO® Red Iridium® Polarized shades whilst going for a 3km test run that was led by Mok Ying Ren and Ben Pulham.

The biggest highlight for me was the chance to interview Mok Ying Ren where I not only got to learn more about a typical day in his life but also gained some valuable tips on running so here goes...
Q: I understand that apart from being a national athlete with many media events to attend to and training sessions to commit to, you are also currently a medical officer, how is a typical day for you like?
A: My typical day is a lot about time management. Right now, I am doing my national service at Nee Soon Camp. I work office hours and every once a week, I have to go for overnight duty at the medical centre. That is the only disruptive part for my schedule. My schedule is usually pretty alright. I do have time to train since the good thing about running is that you can run anytime and anywhere like, you can run from your house and end the run at your house. Moreover, everyone has been generally very supportive of what I am doing so it has been quite good for me so far.
Q: How is your weekly training regime like?
A: I run twice a day, usually once in the morning before I head off to work and once in the evening after I knock off from work. They usually last for about 45 minutes to an hour each for my morning runs and about an hour to an hour and a half each for my evening runs. On the other days, I meet up with my friends to do some track work. For me, Sundays are for long runs.
Q: How is your diet like? Do you have any diets that you stick to or any type of food that you avoid?

A: I try to eat healthy and avoid fried food. For breakfast, I usually just have cereals with yoghurt.
Q: It's public knowledge that you are gunning for the 2016 Olympics in Rio and have even named your journey Road to Rio, how have you been preparing for it?

A: I have been running a lot. Since I am serving my national service now, I have been only been training in Singapore. Once I am done with my national service in April, I will be training overseas like Japan and USA. I will be taking one and a half year of no pay leave. The weather in other countries is better so even though I will be running with the same effort that I did here, I will run faster in other countries. My muscles will be activated and will grow better. It allows me to run at my optimum.

Read the full interview at SportSanity here.

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