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! SportSG’s Advisory For Resumption Of Sport And Physical Exercise & Activity For Phase Three (“Safe Nation”) is now available. Refer to our latest advisory and FAQs and Reminder for booking of ActiveSG facilities for more details.
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diving safety tips

Diving safety tips and common injuries

When a diver hits the water, the forces on entry can be very strong, making it a dangerous sport. Find out some simple safety tips, and a few common injuries divers should keep a look out for.

Twin Diving

Judging criteria for competitive diving

Judging a diving competition follows strict rules and regulations in order to reflect a fair assessment of the dive performed. Learn how judges evaluate the five basic elements of a dive to determine an overall score.

Diving SEA Games

Strategies to be a better diver

Simply doing as many somersaults and twists as you can while diving will not help you to score more points than your opponents in a competition, so tighten up your skills by learning certain tricks that will help you along the way.

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