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Aerial Hoop Silks: Strength, grace and guts

Aerial Hoop and Silk is an art form that requires one to perform moves and techniques on suspended hula hoops or pieces of silk fabric. It is regarded as a type of dance that requires strength, flexibility, balance, control, and grace to master.

bossaball acrobatics

Bossaball: An exciting blend of volleyball, football, and gymnastics

Bossaball has been featured alongside major events that not only include sports but also music, beach and town festivals. Often times, audiences get awed by players who deliver “acrobatic infused” serves, shots and fierce spikes with much style and flair.

flowboard bodyboard sentosa wavehouse

Flowboarding: Riding the waves

Flowboarding can be described as a mix of various board sports that include surfing, snowboarding, skimboarding, skateboarding and wakeboarding.

parkour singapore

Parkour: Creative movements in urban spaces

Parkour is the art of getting from one place to another in the quickiest and most efficient way possible. It is a discipline which involves running, jumping, and climbing through obstacles in mostly urban environments.

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