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paintball speedball
Players breaking out from their starting positions on the competition field in the Singapore Paintball Series 2013 Leg 2 (Photo credit: TILT Photography)

By Claire Tan

“Paintball” may not be an unfamiliar term to the masses – it has become a common activity for recreational gatherings or company teambuilding events. Unbeknownst to many, though, competitive paintball or “Speedball” still is. 

While Speedball is fast gaining popularity and becoming a thriving sport in the local paintball community in recent years, it remains low key in the general sporting industry. An art form in itself, Speedball demands more than just interest, skill or stamina – it is an intricate interplay of teamwork, determination and dedication.

paintball speedball 2
Fully equipped and ready to strike (Photo credit: TILT Photography)

Unlike recreational paintball, Speedball is certainly no child’s play – one does not simply take up a paintball marker (also commonly referred to as the paintball “gun”) and fire at will.

The sport requires numerous hours of training to develop the players’ agility, aim and reaction time, and communication between team members is the key to outlasting the opposing team. Unique to competitive paintball, Speedball players are also seen equipped with a myriad of gears and accessories from head to toe, both for protective purposes and as a reflection of personal and/or team identity.

Every year, Speedball players actively participate in the only national paintball competition in the country, the Singapore Paintball Series. Established in 2010, the Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) is the country’s leading paintball tournament and is a proud promoting partner of the Paintball Asia League Series (PALS) - the sole organiser of Asia’s largest paintball event, World Cup Asia, and, affiliated to Asia Pacific Paintball Federation.

With two legs held per year, the SPS not only attracts the participation of local paintball teams; competitive paintball teams from countries such as Malaysia, Brunei and Philippines have also set foot on our home ground in the hopes of attaining the coveted winning titles in this national competition.
The month of September marked the Leg 2 of the Singapore Paintball Series 2013. Over the weekend of 7 & 8 September 2013, the national paintball competition was held at The Cage Sports Park (formerly known as Turf City) and drew in a crowd of over 300 participants and spectators alike. 

The 2-day event welcomed 33 participating teams over 3 divisions (Open Division, Division 3 and Division 4) and also received the extensive support from leading retail sponsors such as Bratpack, Sanuk, Timbuk2 and SPY.

To find out more, visit Singapore Paintball Series.

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