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Our active lifestyle ambassadors comprise prominent personalities who embody the values and attributes of an active lifestyle that is a good mix of non-mainstream and alternative sports, as well as health practitioners. 

Shaun Sport Singapore Ambassador


One of a trio of freestyle footballers hailing from EXPY crew, Shaun will always be remembered as the freestyler who put the ball through the legs of Singapore football legend Aleksandar Duric in a Panna face-off. Silky skills with his feet, this quiet and unassuming freestyler has already won titles on the world stage.

Valerie Sport Singapore ambassador


Singapore's very first woman freestyle footballer. Sport can often be sexist, and freestyle footballer is no different. Valerie hopes to give women's football in Singapore a greater voice, and boasts perfomances in the India Super League and stint with prestigious Paris Saint Germain under her belt.

Daryl Sport Singapore Ambassador


Founder of EXPY crew, Daryl is one of Singapore's earliest freestyle football talents. Incredibly talented and never afraid to weave his own style and personality into his performances, catch Daryl in real life at performances or on Instagram for some eye-boggling and sick moves that put even some of our professional footballers to shame.

 Felicia Sport Singapore Ambassador  


A firm believer that falling down is an integral part of the process for climbers, Felicia is a former competitive climber, and is the founder of the popular Gorilla Climbing Gym. She has faced many set backs in her life but believes in adapting and improving oneself as you go along. She hopes to share her passion with the rest of Singapore.

Samantha Sport Singapore Ambassador


Widely regarded as the face of Active Health, Samantha is a certified fitness trainer and Active Health champion. Her fitness journey has seen her encourage people from all walks of life to choose a healthier life through changing little daily habits and taking ownership of their own health through physical activity.

 Faiz Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Palpable joy and passion radiates from every move he makes in a dance studio. Faiz Aman is a dance and Zumba fitness instructor who is always excited to use new platforms to share his favourite dance moves for the benefits of a wider audience and a more active community.

 Randall Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Citizen athlete extraordinaire. Everyone knows Randall as an avid runner, but he is also a Team Nila volunteer, a captain in the Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF), and a true leader of men. Carries hopes of Boston Marathon qualification, and has sick speed and fitness levels for a non Team Singapore athlete.

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