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Sport Singapore Ambassadors

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Our fitness ambassadors are a diverse group of fitness enthusiasts: from citizen athletes to fitness entrepreneurs, sports coaches and certified fitness trainers.   

Natalie Sport Singapore Ambassador


Fitness coach and entrepreneur, Natalie is a former Spartan who lives, breathes and sleeps fitness. This fitness celebrity also runs her own fitness website called 'The Daily Escape', and is one of our fitness ambassadors not to be missed!

 Isa Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Who does not know the number four of Lions XII and AFF Suzuki Cup fame? Isa is a two-time ASEAN champion and former national footballer. A true family man off the pitch, this former Geylang International FC captain has impeccable self-discipline, is exemplary in his daily routines as Head Coach of ActiveSG Football Academy and Singapore Sports School, and a fitness beast.

 Dawn Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Introduced to yoga as a teenager due to sports injuries, Dawn has not looked back and is now a reknowned instructor in the Singapore Yoga scene and an entrepreneur in the fitness industry. She is mother to four beautiful daughters, hence her instagram handle. 

Yaoxiang Sport Singapore Ambassador


A former Team Singapore swimmer and water polo athlete, and multiple SEA Games Gold medallist, Yaoxiang is now a fitness instructor and co-founder of the ever popular Hydrofit. Trained in sport science, Yaoxiang is a strong advocate of sport because he has reaped the benefits of having a healthy and fit life, which he hopes to share with the community. 

Samantha Sport Singapore Ambassador


Widely regarded as the face of Active Health, Samantha is a certified fitness trainer and Active Health champion. Her fitness journey has seen her encourage people from all walks of life to choose a healthier life through changing little daily habits and taking ownership of their own health through physical activity. 

Faiz Sport Singapore Ambassador


Palpable joy and passion radiates from every move he makes in a dance studio. Faiz Aman is a dance and Zumba fitness instructor who is always excited to use new platforms to share his favourite dance moves for the benefits of a wider audience and a more active community. 

Aisyah Sport Singapore Ambassador


Singapore's first and only Olympic rower, Aisyah has defied the odds to achieve her sporting dreams. She now spends much of her time overseas, but is still a major fitness advocate and always willing to impart her experience and stories to the next generation of athletes and Singapore's youth whenever she has an opportunity to do so.

 Randall Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Citizen athlete extraordinaire. Everyone knows Randall as an avid runner, but he is also a Team Nila volunteer, a captain in the Republic of Singapore Airforce (RSAF), and a true leader of men. Carries hopes of Boston Marathon qualification, and has sick speed and fitness levels for a non Team Singapore athlete.

 Kenneth Sport Singapore Ambassador  


Giving up corporate life to pursue his passion in fitness, Kenneth is a group fitness instructor and calisthenics enthusiast. Despite boasting an impressive physique and level of fitness, Kenneth believes that getting fit requires neither superior strength nor athletic abilities to begin with.

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