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Sepak Takraw match between Nee Soon South CSC vs Meiling Separk Takraw at Heartbeat@Bedok. Photo by Eugene Lim/SportSG workout

“Jio” (invite) your kakis and take part in Pesta Sukan 2019!

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Sepak Takraw match between Nee Soon South CSC vs Meiling Separk Takraw at Heartbeat@Bedok. Photo by Eugene Lim/SportSGPhoto: Eugene Lim/ SportSG

As part of Singapore's Bicentennial year, we are bringing back Pesta Sukan this year as part of GetActive! Singapore.

For those of you who are too young (like me) to know what Pesta Sukan is, here’s a quick crash course just for you!

"Pesta Sukan" is actually a Malay phrase for Festival of Sports. "Pesta" means festival and "sukan" means sports.

The festival was aimed at providing an opportunity for sportsmen and women to get together in camaraderie and goodwill and to raise the standard of sports through friendly competition.

Conceived by the then Ministry of Culture, Singapore's first festival of sports was held from 4 to 12 Dec in 1964. An ad hoc organising committee, comprising of well-known sports personalities and government officials, was formed while national sports associations and other major sporting organisations also lent their support.

pesta sukan 

Photo: Sport Singapore

Participation then was restricted to the Malaysian states (Singapore being one of them). The festival then developed into an informal gathering of sports enthusiasts from all over the world. A distinctive characteristic of the Festival was that invitations to the foreign teams was not done on an inter governmental basis, but rather an arrangement between national sports controlling bodies of the various countries seeking to further their bonds of friendship in sports.

Now that you know what Pesta Sukan is all about, come celebrate the lead up to this year’s National Day with some exciting competitive sports action!

Adroit (white) amongst a pool of Kai Xuan players at the ICBC NBL 2018 Regular Season match on 25 July at the Singapore Basketball Centre. Photo by Andy Pascua/SportSGPhoto: Sport Singapore

Take part as an individual, “jio” (invite) your old team mates or gather new ones and compete in more than 20 sports, including para sports, in the Pesta Sukan 2019!


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