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T2 diamond Sun Yingsha photo: T2 Diamond news

Sun shines at Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Singapore

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T2 diamond Sun Yingsha photo: T2 DiamondSun Yingsha was triumphant in the women's final. Photo: T2 Diamond

Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019 Singapore came to a thrilling conclusion with the women’s and men’s finals playing out in contrasting fashion.

Sun Yingsha survived a stirring fightback from Mima Ito in the women’s final, where neither deserved to lose.

The men’s decider saw Xu Xin executing a perfect game plan of denying the younger Lin Yun-Ju the opportunity of a fast start, then proceeding to progressively neutralise the Taiwanese sensation.

T2 Diamond Xu Xin photo: T2 DiamondXu Xin beat Lin Yun-Ju to clinch the men's final. Photo: T2 Diamond

Wang Manyu proved too hot to handle for Jeon Jihee, who still came away happy having answered the phone call in Austria on Monday, which brought her to Singapore as a last-minute replacement and left her US$12,000 richer.

And Tomokazu Harimoto continues to cement his position as Japan’s leading player as he fought back to beat Lin Gaoyuan in the men’s consolation final.

In addition to their awards, Lin Yun-Ju and Wang Manyu also took home the Overall Champion trophies for their outstanding performance in both the Malaysia and Singapore legs of Seamaster T2 Diamond 2019, presented by T2 founder and chairman Mr Frank Ji.