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Floorball 101 Floorball Dribbling Yeo Xuan Kelly Latimer SG Sports TV workout

Floorball 101: Floorball dribbling for beginners

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 Team Singapore Floorballer Yeo Xuan teaches us three basic floorball dribbling skills in this third episode of our Floorball 101 tutorial series for beginners.

1.     Left-right dribble

This dribble moves the ball from your left to right; the ball will change its contact point from your front blade to your back blade. Remember to bend your knees and keep the ball just in front of you. There are two versions of the left-right dribble; the short dribble where the ball movement is limited to your shoulder width distance and the long dribble where the ball covers a wider area.

Floorball 101 Floorball Dribbling Yeo Xuan Kelly Latimer SG Sports TVTeam Singapore floorballer Yeo Xuan (right) teaching host Kelly Latimer the fundamentals to floorball dribbling. Photo: SportSG

2.     Spin Move

There are two variations to the spin move, the backhand spin and the forehand spin. When executing the forehand spin, keep the ball at your front blade as you pivot and spin on your dominant leg to execute a 180 degrees spin. When executing the backhand spin, keep the ball at your back blade. Remember to keep your blade closed all the time when executing a spin move to keep the floorball in control.

3.     Mini lob

The mini lob is used to lob the floorball off the floor just a little when dribbling. When executing the mini lob, open up your front blade to bring the ball upwards lightly. Do not use too much power when executing the mini lob, as this will cause the ball to go too high.

Floorball 101 Floorball Dribbling Yeo Xuan Kelly Latimer SG Sports TVYeo Xuan about to demonstrate a mini lob in floorball dribbling. Photo: SportSG

Keep practising these floorball dribbling skills to improve your overall floorball gameplay!

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