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Floorball goalkeeper goalie Fariza Begum Kelly Latimer SG Sports TV workout

Floorball 101: Floorball Goalie gear, goalkeeping positioning and techniques

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Team Singapore national Floorball goalkeeper Fariza Begum shows us the ropes of goalkeeping in floorball, as well as what goalie gear comprise of in this second episode of Floorball 101 for beginners.

Before stepping into the game, it is essential for a goalkeeper to be geared up and ready to play! Floorball goalkeepers normally wear a goalkeeper suit, made up of pants, an inner chest pad, gloves and helmet to protect their bodies.

Fariza shares some useful tips to take note of when playing as a floorball goalkeeper and facing a shot:

1.     Find the centre

When facing an incoming shot, angle your body and position yourself at the centre of the goal.

Floorball goalkeeper goalie Fariza Begum Kelly Latimer SG Sports TV Team Singapore's Fariza Begum demonstrating how to cover your angles as a floorball goalkeeper. Photo: SportSG

2.     Keep your core low

The ideal goalkeeping position when facing a shot is the kneeling position. Keeping your core low allows your legs to slide left and right easily to block shots.

3.     Hands at chest height

Keeping your hands in front of you where you can see your own palms and at chest height gives you the best position to react and block the shots you are facing.

4.     Rest your knees when not defending

Floorball goalkeepers are not encouraged to stay in the kneeling position throughout the game, as it can be quite tiring. Stand up to rest your knees after defending and assume the kneeling defending position when you are expecting to face a shot.

Floorball goalkeeper goalie Fariza Begum Kelly Latimer SG Sports TV Host Kelly Latimer (Left) trying her hands at being a floorball goalie while Fariza Begum looks on. Photo: SportSG

Keep these tips on your mind and your eyes on the ball the next time you are trying out floorball goalkeeping to keep those shots out of your goal!

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