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rugby fans photo: Action Images/Ed Sykes family

8 types of rugby fans

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Having already taken look at the 7 hottest male rugby players of the world, we thought it might be fun to have a look at the types of rugby fans. Keep reading to find out which type of rugby fan you and your friends are!

1. The Loud One

rugby fans photo: REUTERS/Toby MelvillePhoto: REUTERS/Toby Melville

You know the type, three pints in and cheering and shouting even when nothing interesting is happening on the pitch.

2. The Girlfriend

rugby fans photo: REUTERS/Bobby YipPhoto: REUTERS/Bobby Yip

She is dressed up to the nines and constantly using her phone no matter how exciting the game can get. You can usually find her seated next to “The Loud One”, who probably promised her a a nice dinner in return.

3. Full Kit

rugby fans photo: Action Images via Reuters/Andrew BoyersPhoto: Action Images via Reuters/Andrew Boyers

There is nothing as satisfying for a sports fan as having their team’s latest, and most up-to-date kit. These people are usually the easiest to spot out of all the fans. They are the ones who will go the match dressed in the latest kit, probably in the hope that EVERYONE in the stadium would recognise how big of a fan they are.

4. The Passionate Girl

rugby fans photo: Action Images/Ed SykesPhoto: Action Images/Ed Sykes

You might assume that she got dragged to the game by “The Full Kit” but once the game starts, her insight on ruck offences might give “The Wise One” a run for his money!

5. The Fun Bunch

rugby fans photo: REUTERS/Bobby YipPhoto: REUTERS/Bobby Yip

These are the people who will turn up at games in the most ridiculous fancy dress and painted faces with beers in hand. Oftentimes the teams on the pitch aren’t as important as two for one drinks because they’re simply there just to have a ball of time!

6. The Wise One

The one who sits quietly as he or she watches the match with an intense look upon his or her face. They are usually the ones who are experts in the sport and whose rugby knowledge make them assets during pub quizzes.

7. The Complainer

I truly believe that complaining must an innate ability in humans, they can be found anywhere and sporting events are no exceptions. As the name suggests, they are usually the ones complaining about anything and everything. Don’t be surprised if you see them voicing their disapprovals and disappointments about the match onto their social media.

8. The Armchair Fan

The equivalent of a keyboard warrior. The one who always boasts about being a 10/10 rugby fan yet has never been to a rugby match in person before. They may own the latest kits and know all about rugby, but still it does not make up for the fact that they have never stepped foot into a rugby stadium!

So have you figured out which type or combination of a rugby fan you are? If you haven’t, then head on down to the upcoming HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens match happening this April, to determine what kind of a fan are you!


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