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Selena Aguilar Sport Singapore Ambassador news

Selena Aguilar: Flying the flag high for Ultimate

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Sport Singapore welcomes its second batch of brand ambassadors! They are your everyday people, tackling the demands of life as you do, but SportSG's newest sport and fitness influencers also hold a strong belief that sport can inspire us to live better. Get to know them in our feature series here! 

If national ultimate frisbee player Selena Aguilar goes home without breaking a good sweat during the day, she would feel unproductive.

Such is the hectic lifestyle that the 21-year-old student, currently doing her final year at Singapore Polytechnic, is used to keeping. Dedicating four nights a week, as well as her entire Saturday, to training, she brings her best to her sport of Ultimate (Frisbee), even if it does not yield her material gain or recognition outside their usual circles.


Selena Aguilar Sport Singapore Ambassador Photo: SportSG

Navanetha Krishnan, similarly, is a regular with the Singapore Police Force. Known as Krish, the 22-year-old works shifts, yet continually makes time for training, both with his club and the national team. Just like Selena, he trains intensively, juggling his day (and sometimes night) job with his chosen sport.

Do they get tired? Of course. Would they have it any other way? The answer was a resounding “no” for both Selena and Krish.

With Selena recently named as one of SportSG’s ambassadors, both have been clear examples of how sport can benefit one’s life, even if it means having to balance hefty commitments.

“It’s the passion that keeps me going. Knowing that you can do something for the sport, knowing that putting in the effort can help you improve, knowing that there are so many out there working harder than you – you put in the hard work,” Krish expressed.

The duo have participated in international tournaments, including the World U24 Ultimate Championships, and have been involved in the school and club scene as well. Selena has also competed at the 2016 World Ultimate and Guts Championships.


Selena Aguilar Sport Singapore Ambassador John Yeong Photo: SportSG

For newly appointed brand ambassador Selena, as a part-time athlete aspiring towards international standards, she has found her own ways to balance studies and work with sport.

“I’ve found a balance by prioritising. It’s often a difficult choice, but I need to make time for both studies and sport,” Selena noted.

She has developed confidence, and obtained lessons and fulfilment that enriched her life.

Speaking about her own experience, Selena added: “If you’re playing competitively, you’ll want to strive towards the best that you can be. It gets difficult, putting in all that time and effort and not immediately seeing results. But in the long run, it’s all about whether or not you’re able to focus on what’s important, which is your own improvement and usability in the team.”

Ultimately, Selena also hopes to spread awareness of the sport, via her SportSG ambassadorship and other means, remarking that ultimate frisbee players will definitely gain from a greater degree of recognition not just locally, but also on the world stage.

Join Selena on her journey by following her on Instagram at @sallzbell. To access more content from all our ambassadors, be sure to stay tuned to myActiveSG and SG Sports TV on Facebook, as well as @sport_singapore and @sgsportstv on Instagram.

Selena Aguilar Sport Singapore AmbassadorPhoto: SportSG