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Samantha’s Active Health Blog (Week 2): Better beats perfect!

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What a week! It’s been an incredibly busy period at work, what with a number of initiatives and events in the pipeline, as well as shoots for the Sport Singapore ambassador initiative – find out more about this initiative here!

But I’ve definitely not forgotten my mission, which I spoke about last week. I’ve actually been sticking to what I’ve set out to do for Active Health, as far as possible. Well, the key here is “as far as possible”!

Starting with baby steps, I decided to take on just four simple habits this past week, one for each of the four Active Health pillars: nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and screen time.

Those around me have asked – have I become a healthier person? I don’t know. It’s probably too soon to tell. But I certainly do feel better. Let’s break it down to see how far I’ve come!

#1 Nutrition: Throw out all the junk food! 

samantha low

Photo: Instagram@s.lowbutsteady

We’ll start with the simplest – to me, at least. According to Active Health guidelines, the first step here is to keep all unhealthy food choices away from my home and office space so… Good riddance, junk food!

On a more serious note, I’ve always tried to eat as healthily as possible, and throwing out these temptations makes it far easier. In fact, I’ve also begun incorporating other positive dietary practices into my day-to-day routine! I’ll tell you more about these in subsequent posts. 

#2 Physical activity: S.low but steady (usage of the stairs) *wink* 

samantha low

Photo: Instagram@s.lowbutsteady

This has been easy too! Well, at least until I twisted my ankle the other day while getting off a treadmill. That really, really hurt.

But I’ve been taking the stairs diligently every day, avoiding the escalators and elevators, even if it meant hobbling along extremely slowly! 

#3 Sleep: A proper shut-down of all devices 

Switching off all alerts on my mobile phone before going to bed is fine, as I’m certainly not expecting any texts or emails in the middle of the night.

I suppose the challenge here is actually remembering to take this step before bed; I nearly forgot to do so a couple of nights ago! But getting quality sleep has helped me to wake up more refreshed in the mornings – you really should try it! 

#4 Screen time: It’s horrible to keep it to 30 minutes! 

Keeping to a maximum of 30 minutes of social media a day? That’s practically impossible! This has not been progressing well, but I’m still working on it. 

In fact, I found a few mobile apps that help track the number of times you open a particular app! That’s been a pretty useful discovery. I’m now more conscious about how much time I spend on various social media platforms, and hope to keep improving!

Indeed, just as Active Health advocates, it’s about taking the steps to get better, rather than achieving perfection! I still can scroll through Facebook for say, 10 minutes before I sleep… That’s still better than doing so for an hour, right? 

Just kidding! I’ll do my best, really. Keep watching this space for my next update, or head down to my Instagram (@s.lowbutsteady) to see how I progress over the next week!