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A moment of volunteerism, A lifetime of friendship

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Three strangers, one fiery red inspiration, connected under one purple army – summed up my experience at the recent GetActive! Singapore event – as a happy volunteer.

Until last Sat, Tony, Kee Hong and I were complete strangers to one other. We did not even know of each other’s existence. But Team Nila’s purple army and social media tools got busy – within less than 3 hours – we got connected, and started to chat, face-to-face, as well as via what’s app and email – and shared our personal journeys through this fun and wonderful way of giving back.

Team Nila
Patricia Tang (centre), with Tony Halim (right) and Lu Kee Hong. Photo: Tony Halim/ Team Nila

Tony Halim, of Temasek Polytechnic, and a warrior against obesity, having fought it successfully himself, finds pleasure in encouraging his young energetic students to volunteer for Team Nila’s activities, including GetActive! Singapore.

What’s more – he registered himself and was the "Welcome Ambassador" and "Sports Station enthusiast" for visitors at Marina Bay’s Get Active platform. 

“It is very satisfying to be involved in this meaningful activity and see families bond over sports, rather than spend time in silo on their devices," said Tony.

For Lu Kee Hong, the chirpy, cheerful and charming Ambassador (he calls 80-year-old grandmas ‘young ladies’ at his Oversized Tennis Racket Giant game station), meeting fellow minded volunteers like Tony , at GetActive! Singapore enriches the experience for him.

Team Nila

Tony and Kee Hong having fun at the photo wall. Photo: Tony Halim/ Team Nila

An ex-chartered accountant who fought weight issues, and now leads a busy life helping other causes as well, loves sports volunteering and takes every chance to do it differently whenever he can – to make it interesting for participants.

‘Seeing the Cedar Girls’ students laughing and having fun while learning mini tennis, was reward enough’ for Kee Hong.

How did I get to meet the 2 gentlemen? I wanted to capture the Team Nila spirit in GetActive! Singapore (my version of “Pokemon Go”). And found in Tony and Kee Hong the core values of passion, courage and integrity, I volunteered to reach out to them and share their GetActive! Singapore journeys. 

Different paths – but same destination – to help Singapore get active! 

This article was contributed by Patricia Tang, a volunteer with Team Nila


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