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ifly theresa goh and yip pin xiu TeamSG

Skydiving into the spirit of giving

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Team Singapore athletes dived head on into the spirit of giving on Friday night as they raised S$38,870 for the Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) in a night of charity and world record breaking at iFly Singapore.


ifly theresa goh and yip pin xiu

TeamSG athletes Theresa Goh and Yip Pin Xiu with Dr Teo-Koh Sock Miang and George Yeo during the Night of Sports at iFly Singapore. Photo: Sport Singapore


A total of 230 people, including more than 20 Team Singapore athletes, participated in the event and broke the Guinness World Record for the most number of tandem indoor skydives.

For every person that participated in the event on iFly's 5th birthday, $50 cash and $119 worth of voucher for a full flight experience were donated to SDSC.

Every year, iFly collaborates with a different non-profit organisation to raise funds and increase awareness for the organisation. This year, SDSC has been named as the adopted charity for one main reason.

“I think the SDSC athletes actually inspire us. Despite having disabilities, their never-say-die attitude have seen them bring home gold medals and even breaking world records,” Managing Director of iFly Singapore Lawrence Koh said.

“That is one of the reasons why we want to partner with them. With the added aid, we believe that they will be able to inspire more people.”


ifly theresa goh

TeamSG swimmer Theresa Goh in action during the Night of Sports at iFly Singapore. Photo: Sport Singapore


Team Singapore judoka Gary Chow said the money raised will go a long way in helping the athletes improve themselves.

“It's important because it gives them additional funds to carry on their training, for them to go overseas and participate in competitions, which would be major for them,” the 26-year-old said.

“Competitions will do well for them. Training alone will not be anything without competition so it will help them a lot in honing their skills.”

World record holder Yip Pin Xiu and veteran Team Singapore swimmer Theresa Goh described their experience skydiving indoors as “freeing”, and they hope to give back to the community that supported them through all their ups and downs, as well as increase awareness about disability sports.
“It is important to give back to the organisation that has helped you so much,” said Theresa, who won five gold medals at last year's ASEAN Para Games.


ifly yip pin xiu

TeamSG swimmer Yip Pin Xiu in action during the Night of Sports at iFly Singapore. Photo: Sport Singapore


“Sports improves your life, and in Singapore especially where we have seen such growth in disability sports, it's changed my life completely and I just want to see the same for other people.”

Pin Xiu, who also had a life-changing experience after taking up sports, said, “SDSC has molded me into who I am today by providing me with the necessary support and trainings. We are really grateful for it, so we hope that this would be able to benefit other people who have not taken part in sports yet.”

“Because as Theresa said, sports has made me so much more confident and changed my life. I hope that through all these initiatives, we will be able to create more outreach as well and reach a bigger audience.”