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Say goodbye to shaky action videos

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For anyone who has ever taken or handled an action camera, you would know that at least half of your footage is shaky, blur and requires post-editing on the computer. Here is where STABYLIZR comes in, it is a sturdy action camera stabilizer that minimises shaking when video recording on a GoPro sized action camera.


Image Credit: STABYLIZR

It taps on mechanical stabilization systems which softens and decreases body movement being transferred to your camera. The result is smooth recorded videos that are significantly more stable than normal, without the blur and without any fancy software needed to achieve this.

STABYLIZR is built and designed to be durable even under some of the harshest conditions. It has features that include being lightweight, waterproof, no charging or batteries needed and most importantly, it is compatible with all GoPro mounts. 


Image Credit: STABYLIZR

Building on functionality without frills, STABYLIZR has a second variant that comes with a power bank built into the handle. Hook it up to your GoPro or charge your Smartphone while you are out on your next adventure! It is capable of charging your GoPro twice and your iPhone once on a full charge. 


Image Credit: STABYLIZR

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 158 x 120 x 76mm

Weight: 240g

Material: Polyamide reinforced with glass fiber (PAGF)

Axis: 140° (Pitch), 360° (Roll)

Waterproof: Yes

Compatibility: GoPro Hero 2, 3, 3+, 4 and Session (or similar sized action cameras)

Battery Capacity (Power Grip): 2200mAh, Input/Output 5V and 1000mA 


Image Credit: STABYLIZR

Availability and Price

Most of STABYLIZR’s early bird Kickstarter pledges have been snapped up, its next pledge starts at SG$137 (€ $89) for one STABYLIZR. You have the option to add on the Power Grip for an additional SG$46 (€ $30). International shipping comes at an additional charge that ranges from SG$23 (€ $15) to SG$39 (€ $25), shipping to Singapore will cost the latter.

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