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Dynamic Warm Up

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dynamic warm ups
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A dynamic warm up prepares your muscles for exercise and improves resistance to injury. It also works to coordinate all your muscles, increasing flexibility and stability.

Benefits of a Dynamic Warm Up
  • Gradually increases heart rate and core temperature before the actual work out, allowing the athlete to immediately begin high intensity training
  • Provides mental preparation, increased cohesion and motivation in team settings
  • Increases balance, stability and long term flexibility
  • Smaller muscles are trained through regular dynamic warm ups, improving overall conditioning

Dynamic Warm Up Guidelines
  • Always begin with a static component
  • Use varying degrees of intensity, from “swing” to “pull” to “skip”
  • Hold all static poses for 1-2 seconds
  • Progressively increase stretches
  • Concentrate on correct posture and balance
  • Transition smoothly between exercises without breaks
  • Concentrate on using muscle strength – Do not rely on momentum
  • Move the joints through the full range of movement
  • Learn to breathe properly to improve relaxation and mental preparation for the exercises
  • Team members should complete all exercises together, at the same pace
  • Sample Dynamic Warm Up plans

Standing Exercises
  • 10 ½ neck circles
  • 10 arm swings across chest left, 10 on the right
  • 10 golf swings, left and right side
  • 10 full arm circles forward, 10 backwards, left and right side
  • 10 4-way wrist stretches, left and right side
  • 10 hip circles
  • 10 butt wiggles
  • 10 straight trunk rotations
  • 10 full trunk twists
  • 10 knee circles, left and right side
  • 10 knee bends, left and right side
  • 10 ankle rolls, left and right side
  • 10 180/360 degree cat jumps

Moving Exercises
  • 2 mins Heel walk – heel/toe walk – skip
  • 2 mins Butt kick walk – pull – skip
  • 2 mins high knee walk – pull – skip
  • 2 mins Hurdle walk – pull – skip
  • 2 mins side cross walk – skip
  • 2 mins lunge step forward – wide – cross over
  • 2 mins forward sprint – slow – medium – fast
  • 2 mins backward sprint – slow – medium – fast


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