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Exercises to curb thunder thighs

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I think there is one thing that we all got to understand here: there is simply no magic formula to losing those extra kilos. As you satisfy your craving for that chocolate cheesecake, you have no control over where your body stores fat. And the saddest thing is, neither do you have control over which part of your body loses those fats.

The thighs are one of our body parts that are most susceptible to excess fats. While some may be due to their genes, most ‘thunder’ thighs are caused by overeating and the lack of exercise. The only way to curb ‘thunder’ thighs is a combination of a healthy calorie reduced diet, sufficient cardiovascular exercises and weights training to tone the muscles.

Well, here are some tips and exercise guidelines that may be useful but remember this will only work if you are committed to a long-term lifestyle change. It takes a great deal of effort, so be warned

1.Eat Your Breakfast

Eating your breakfast fuels up your body for the day and jumpstarts your metabolism. This is important because the higher your metabolism, the faster will your body burn those extra fats.

2.Cardiovascular Exercises
If you are not a fan of jogging or brisk walking, you can take up dancing, aerobics or kickboxing classes as a form of cardiovascular workout. Depending on your goal, you can try out a 30-60 minute session, three to five times a week. Cardiovascular exercises burn fats, improve your overall heart health and increase your metabolic rate.

3.Weights/Body Weights Training
These exercises aim to target your thigh muscles to tone and firm them. At the same time, adding weights/body weights training to your cardio routine will further boost the rate of fat burn and no, they will not bulk you up, contrary to popular belief among women.
Sumo Squats – targets your inner thighs and glutes

Begin with your feet apart, more than shoulder-width wide. Keep your toes pointed out, back straight and chest out. Slowly take a squat until your thighs are parallel to the ground, while putting your weight on your heels at all time. When returning to the starting position, squeeze your inner thighs and glutes. Repeat 15 reps for three sets. Rest no longer than 30 seconds between each set to boost the fat burn.
Lunges – targets your hamstring

To start, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lunge forward with your left leg and then straighten it. When you lunge, your knee should come to approximately 3cm above ground without touching it. Repeat 30 lunges on each leg. To up the intensity, you may choose to hold a 2-4kg dumbbell on each hand while performing the lunges. The weight of the dumbbell should not exceed 4kg.